Moose Series Exclusive Voucher

Included benefits ($54 value)
  1. $25 off coupon ($25)
  2. Basic Turntable ($29)

Use: For pre-ordering the Moose/ Moose Lite 3D scanner

By purchasing this voucher, you will receive a $25 discount on Moose/ Moose Lite (which can be stacked with early bird pricing) and a basic turntable.

How to use: After 28 Mar, we will contact you by email and send you a discount code for your purchase.

Validity period: The voucher is valid from March 28, 3:00pm (GMT) to April 28, 2:59pm (GMT) and will expire after that.


Introducing 3DMakerpro Moose Series

Moose is more than just a high-precision scanner; it’s a smarter solution for scanning. With the power of advanced AI tracking and an innovative point cloud algorithm, Moose will elevate both your scanning efficiency and quality to new heights.

Actual Turbo

3D Model of Turbo


Making Scan Easy

Unparalleled scanning smoothness with AI Visual Tracking and optical image stabilization.

Exceptional Detail Capture

Compared to its predecessor, Moose captures over 20% more information per frame scan, resulting in incredibly detailed models.

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