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Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro (Essential)

Its nice to see that 3DMakerPro are providing advanced software that will allow users to clean up their scans and also reverse engineer. This is something that some of the competition are not doing.

Great scanner

I also got the turn table and it made a world of difference got great scans right away.

Tripod for Seal
Carsten K.

Tripod for Seal

K1C printer

Love it! Makes great prints.

very slow delivery

I want the product quickly, but the delivery is very slow.
The Multi-Axis Turntable was very good

Seal 3D Scanner
Charles C.

Very happy

Mole 3D Scanner
Ronald R.

Haven't been able to use it yet but am extremely excited to use it

Mole 3D Scanner
Samael S.

I’m very happy with my results.

Seal 3D Scanner
Kourosh P.
Pretty OK Scanner. Terrible Accessories

When I achieve a complete scan is pretty ok, but the pain of getting a complete scan is hard. I bought the regular SEAL scanner NOT the lite. I bought it with the handle grip. I use it with an iphone14 Pro and it drives me crazy how much lag there is. I used it with an iphone15 and it was a bit better, but still not professionally usable. They claim you can take multiple scans and merge them together. Well because of the lag it deters me from taking too many scans. It works if you are trying to impress people who are new to 3d scanning, but it is not a pro scanning tool. Also it doesn't come with a bag to carry the scanner and the grip together. I wouldn't recommend this scanner. I think other 3D Maker Pro scanners might be a better investment, but I haven't tested them yet.

Seal Lite 3D Scanner
Léonardo K.

Sympa et très bon prix

Seal lite

Only completed one scan, but has exceeded my expectations. Quick scan in dim light came out great! Dimensions spot on with my digital calipers.


The tripod is very light and compact and is a perfect addition to mount the scanner and begin scanning, I was very satisfied.

3 D scanner

It did a beautiful job, however we are having trouble importing it into our engraving program Type 3 vision numeric

Mole 3D Scanner

Good Scanner

Good Scanner, but really bad translation to german in the software.

Fantastic Seal Lite . Amazing

Fantastic! Wonderful scanning abilities. However, it would have been nice if there's more instructions included when the scanner arrived. That is why I'm giving four stars. I had to go watch videos and look up things online to really understand what I was doing instead of having an instruction manual to help me.

Mole is Good - Connect is Not

The Mole works great; functions as advertised. Hand held is challenging but works. Table scan is a breeze. Also bought the Connect so that I can do remote scanning. Very disappointed. Literature says it works with most Samsung phones. Doesn’t work either my Note 10+ or a S20 FE. Both common phones. Reached out to tech support; no response. 0stars for the Connect. 4 stars for the Mole but dropped one for customer service…

Mole 3D Scanner
Jasper P.

Mole 3D Scanner

Smart Grip
Nils P.

Smart Grip

Mole 3D Scanner
pierre v.

pas assez de tuto sur le soft!!!!!! explication complète des boutons absentes !!!
pour le scan ok, pas de soucis

Nice Small Object Scanner

Set-up is relatively easy. The scanning software makes it easier to turn out good scans of small objects - it is far easier than the re-work I used to do in other packages. The scanner has two scanning modes: "geometry" for pulling out the fine structure detail of an object, and "texture" for complex colors and other textures. The software let's you merge more than one scan together, so I'm eager to take a scan in each mode, and then align them. The software manual could be better, but so far I've been able to figure most things out.

Seal Lite 3D Scanner


Happy to get my Seal Lite, easy to start, but yet have to learn to use it efficiency

Seal 3D Scanner
Alexandru M.

I am very happy to report that this Scanner is better than I expected.
The fidelity of the Scanner is awesome 👌.
At the beginning it was a little bit challenging until I understood how it works and how to adjust the software to make better scanns.
I also realized that my scanns are more better if I scann them on a black mate Carbon underground.
So Scanner is perfect but the Smart Grip and the multi axis turntable are challenging.
The Smart Grip is not in live sincron with the movement, it reacts to slow/to late 😑.
The multi axis turntable is almost perfect but it needs some tunings.
1. The distance between the placed objects must be made so that it can be adjusted. That would make possible to scann a little bit bigger models and more precisely scanns 😉.
I have a plan and ideas but for that I will need a second multi axis to make some changes.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

The scanner works good and easyto work with, also scanner is well designed for a Table scanning but not for handheld with the computer there's no handle accessories on the web ,the software works good but when is merging two scans could be improvable