Enhancing Scanning with 3DMakerpro Accessories: The Basic Turntable and 4m Device Cable

Enhancing Scanning with 3DMakerpro Accessories: The Basic Turntable and 4m Device Cable

Efficient and accurate 3D scanning requires the right accessories to optimize the scanning process. 3DMakerPro, a leading provider of 3D scanning solutions, offers a range of accessories designed to enhance the scanning experience. We will explore two essential accessories: the Basic Turntable and the 4m Device Cable. These accessories not only improve scanning efficiency but also contribute to tracking stability, complete scanning from multiple angles, and increased scanning radius.


Basic Turntable


The Basic Turntable provided is a tailor-made accessory that greatly improves the efficiency of scanning small objects. Its controlled rotation allows for complete scanning from multiple angles, ensuring that no part of the object is missed. This feature is particularly useful when scanning intricate or delicate objects that require precise and consistent rotation.


The turntable's surface is equipped with marking symbols, enhancing tracking stability during the 3D scanning and capturing process. These symbols make it easier for the scanner to track the object, significantly improving the scanning success rate. Additionally, the turntable can be easily identified in the Point Cloud by JMStudio, the scanner app provided by 3DMakerPro. This identification enables users to delete the turntable with just one click, speeding up the efficiency of Point Cloud editing.


The turntable rotates at a constant speed and is compatible with JMStudio's turntable scanning mode. This scanning mode is designed to capture more detailed point clouds by leveraging the controlled rotation of the turntable. Moreover, the scanning mode automatically stops running after the turntable completes one rotation, saving memory resources and reducing unnecessary data redundancy.


4m Device Cable


3DMakerPro also offers the 4m Device Cable, which significantly increases the scanning radius. This accessory acts as an assistant for scanning large objects and enables users to conduct wider scanning activities. With the extended cable length, you may enjoy greater flexibility in positioning the scanner, ensuring optimal coverage of the object without the limitations of a shorter cable when connecting to your Mac or PC. This increased scanning radius allows for more comprehensive scans, especially when working with larger objects or scanning in expansive environments.


The 4m Device Cable also plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable connection between the scanner and the computer. This reliable connectivity minimizes the risk of data loss or interruptions during the scanning process, ensuring accurate and efficient data transfer.




The Basic Turntable and 4m Device Cable from 3DMakerPro are essential accessories that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of 3D scanning. The Basic Turntable improves scanning efficiency by enabling complete scanning from multiple angles and providing enhanced tracking stability. Its compatibility with JMStudio's turntable scanning mode ensures the capture of detailed point clouds while optimizing memory usage.


On the other hand, the 4m Device Cable expands scanning capabilities, particularly for large objects, by increasing the scanning radius and providing greater flexibility in positioning the scanner. The stable connection it offers ensures reliable data transfer during the scanning process.


By incorporating these accessories into your 3D scanning workflow, you can optimize scanning efficiency, improve tracking stability, capture more detailed point clouds, and expand your scanning capabilities. Whether you are working with small or large objects, these accessories from 3DMakerPro are valuable additions that enhance the overall scanning experience and deliver high-quality results.

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