Elevate Your 3D Scanning Experience with Moose and Compatible Accessories

Elevate Your 3D Scanning Experience with Moose and Compatible Accessories

Moose Series is compatible with various accessories that complement the cutting-edge flagship medium-format 3D scanner by 3DMakerpro. From basic turntables to smart grips, specialized scanning sprays, and the Color Kit 2 app, these accessories are designed to enhance your scanning efficiency and produce high-quality results. Let's explore some of the must-have accessories for Moose that will take your 3D scanning to the next level.


Basic Turntable: Boost Scanning Efficiency

The Basic Turntable is an indispensable accessory for 3D capturing small and medium-sized objects. With special markings that ensure stable scanning tracking, this turntable allows for seamless transitions around corners with limited features or thin structures. By providing a stable scanning platform, the basic turntable significantly speeds up the scanning process and helps achieve accurate scans, even for challenging objects.


Smart Grip: Scan Anywhere, Anytime

The Smart Grip takes the portability of Moose to the next level. Connecting the scanner to your mobile phone provides up to 240 minutes of full-power scanning battery life. With distance display and scanning shortcut keys, the smart grip allows you to scan with ease and convenience, regardless of your location. Say goodbye to limitations and scan with freedom using the smart grip.


AESUB Blue Scanning Spray: Overcome Scanning Challenges

AESUB Blue Scanning Spray is a game-changer when scanning difficult objects. It is specially formulated to cover the surfaces of reflective, transparent, black, and other challenging-to-scan objects. With a quick evaporation time of just one hour and no cleaning required, AESUB Blue Scanning Spray simplifies the scanning process and ensures accurate results for even the most complex objects.


Color Kit 2: Bring Models to Life

The Color Kit 2 is a 3D scanner app and expansion plugin that adds vibrant textures to your 3D models. This kit includes processing software and external hardware, enabling you to produce high-definition color models. With support for up to 8K high-definition color textures and compatibility with cameras, mobile phones, and other photographic equipment, the Color Kit 2 allows you to create realistic and visually stunning models, regardless of their size.


In Summary

Moose are compatible with various accessories that perfectly complement their advanced 3D scanner. Whether you need to enhance scanning efficiency, scan on the go, overcome challenging surfaces, or add vibrant textures to your models, these accessories have got you covered. Elevate your 3D scanning capabilities with Moose and its range of top-notch accessories. Explore the possibilities and unlock new dimensions in 3D scanning today.

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