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Seal Lite 3D Scanner

Moose 3D Scanner
Julien S.
Facile d'utilisation et précis

J'ai attendu mais cela valait la peine. Le scanner est simple a prendre en main et très précis. L'utilisation avec l'application android n'est pas possible avec le câble de base car il faudrait un adaptateur pour brancher l'USB-A au téléphone.
Le fait de devoir l'alimenter en externe n'est pas très pratique mais on s'en accommode. Je suis très content de mon achat!

Top nur zu empfehlen!

Love it, but

The scanner is great, the software not up to par.

Moose Lite

It was relatively easy to understand how it works at the beginning. After that, I performed some practically perfect scans! It's an excellent product.

New user

Works well. Recommendations 1. Stop/Start scan button on unit 2. longer cord 3. Allow program windows to be moved (i.e. distance and view window).


Would recommend

Moose Lite 3D Scanner

Pretty good scanner for the price.

Pretty good scanner. Haven't had a chance to use it much. Seems to lose tracking easily when moving the scanner - like shown in the demo videos! Works well when stationary (tripod).

Moose 3D Scanner
Joseph R.
Powerful little beasty!

This scanner is pretty good! Good for scanning small items (~5cm) and larger (~50cm). Does struggle to scan people unfortunately, especially if they're hairy or beardy. The color reproduction is pretty good too, and it's super easy to use. My main issue (why I didn't give 5stars) is that the supplied cables are way too short and make moving around a part very cumbersome. Great scanner for the price though!

Excellent entry-level scanner

The Moose Scanner works best for scanning objects that are about the size of a shoe box or smaller. It captures textures as well as geometry and is accurate enough for most consumers or makers. In a market where 3D Scanners range in price from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000 depending on your needs, the moose has a great balance of features and accuracy for its price.

Good 3D scanner for medium objects

I'm SUPER pleased with the quality of this product, and the ease with which I installed it and got it running. It really is intuitive and very much a point-and-click solution! Very pleased with this scanner and the provided software. Some tips for getting the best results: take multiple scans at the same distance but different orientations then merge them in the software; use scanning spray on anything shiny; after scanning, carry out further processing on a fast PC. And if the software doesn’t seem to recognize the scanner, make sure you have enabled camera access in Windows privacy settings.

A simple but powerful tool

I love the Moose.
It’s my first 3d scanner but after a bit of adjustment I was able to obtain a couple of nice scan, unfortunately my notebook is a seven years old MBPro and it struggle to cope with the amount of data produced, but yet I got good scan even though I never had a 3d scanner before…
The picture is about a 3d print of a scanned object

This is simple to use

As it is with almost anything like this, there is testing involved. It is necessary to read and watch videos as much as possible. Try a small scan, then see where you need help and watch videos again. I am happy with my purchase.

Moose 3D Scanner
Victor K.
More efficient 3D scanning

The Moose is lighter and more versatile than previous models. The App is also faster and easier to use. However I did notice it does not really scan hair and spectacles well.

Moose Pro 3d scanner

Recieved my Moose scanner, and very impressed with it's ability to capture 3D data. Tracking working very well.

Great little scanner

I am impressed by the quality of the scans coming from the moose pro.
It's not perfect as with every scanner I tried...you will need to apply some spray to every reflective or black surface. The only issue is the software that is missing manual mesh editing for holes and it's also not intuitive.

Decent for a first 3D Scanner

There was definitely a learning curve, but once I had some practice with it I got really good results

Moose 🫎 not the four legged one

Got mine a few days ago, haven’t had a lot of time to play but from what I’ve experienced thus far I’m going to say it’s surprisingly good at what it does.
There is a learning curve naturally but I think the program is intuitive enough and there’s a growing community of users happy to give pointers.
I’m looking forward to playing with this pro version, I backed on kickstarter so got it cheaper than retail but compared to others out there the next one up would have to be a commercial scanner at a much higher price so as a hobbyist I’m very happy.

Smart Grip
Juergen R.
Great but not perfect.

The handle is a useful addition to the scanner! What I miss is 1. a possibility to mount a wrist strap directly on the smart grip
2. labelling which UDB port is for what. 3. the quick-release plate is not a photo standard - where can I buy a second base plate for my tripod? I don't want to keep unscrewing the plate from the scanner module.

Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro (Essential)

Its nice to see that 3DMakerPro are providing advanced software that will allow users to clean up their scans and also reverse engineer. This is something that some of the competition are not doing.

Great scanner

I also got the turn table and it made a world of difference got great scans right away.

Tripod for Seal
Carsten K.

Tripod for Seal

K1C printer

Love it! Makes great prints.

very slow delivery

I want the product quickly, but the delivery is very slow.
The Multi-Axis Turntable was very good