Seal Serie

  • Industrie toonaangevende 0,01mm nauwkeurigheid
  • 24-bits kleurvastlegging
  • Versatle senarissen
  • AI-slimme intelligente accessoires

Introductie van SEAL en SEAL Lite, 3DMakerpro's volgende generatie scanners van consumentenkwaliteit. Met baanbrekende optische oplossingen zetten ze een nieuwe standaard voor 3D-scanning en herdefiniëren ze de prijs van scanners van consumentenkwaliteit!

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-- Part 1 --

Seal & Seal Lite

Introducing SEAL and SEAL Lite, 3DMakerpro's next-generation consumer-grade scanners. With groundbreaking optical solutions, they set a new standard for 3D scanning and redefine the price of consumer-grade scanners!

Blue Light Encoded Structured Light

5x More Detail Per Unit

With its shorter wavelength (400 to 500 nano), it projects refined structured light, achieving 0.01mm accuracy. This advanced technology captures even the tiniest dents, textures, and edges, providing unparalleled detail in high-resolution 3D models.



Achieve exceptional 0.01mm accuracy for precise object reproduction.

*Seal Lite with 0.02mm accuracy.



Experience impressive detail with a 0.05mm minimum point spacing.

*Seal Lite with 0.07mm resolution.


Color depth

Texture camera captures lifelike model texture with 16,777,216 colors.

*Seal Lite with a monochrome texture camera.

Incredible Precision

Precision Blue imaging system delivers 0.01mm accuracy and up to 5x the resolution of comparable scanners. Get highly detailed models with ease.

Vivid Textures

24-bit color camera adds vivid colors, contrast, and intricate details to models.

Smooth Scan

Smooth scanning with Seal's advanced optical system and JMStudio algorithms.

Anti-Shaking Lenses

Optical stabilization filters out unwanted jitter for smooth, continuous scanning.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Collecting 100,000 points per second, it swiftly scans body parts and more.

Brilliant in Darkness

9-level light adjustment for versatile scanning in varying colors, materials, and lighting conditions.

Light & Quiet

Take Seal's 200g lightweight design anywhere you need to scan! Experience smooth and quiet scanning with excellent heat dissipation and no fan noise.

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