Unleashing Creativity with SEAL: The Smart 3D Scanner from 3DMakerpro

Unleashing Creativity with SEAL: The Smart 3D Scanner from 3DMakerpro

The realm of 3D scanning and printing has expanded boundless opportunities for creators, designers, and innovators alike. One remarkable device that is revolutionizing the 3D scanning experience is SEAL, the intelligent 3D scanner and imager developed by 3DMakerpro. With its exceptional accuracy of 0.01mm, SEAL empowers users to bring their ideas to life with astonishing precision. Let’s explore SEAL and delve into the features and potential of this game-changing technology.


SEAL introduces a new level of convenience and accuracy to 3D scanning. Let's take a closer look at its key features.

High Precision: Achieve an astonishing accuracy of 0.01mm.

Vibrant Colors: Experience a vivid 24-bit color depth capture with 16,777,216 colors.

Feather-Light: Weighing only 200g, it is incredibly lightweight.

Unmatched Versatility: With a scanning range of 10-300mm, it adapts to various objects.

High Precision

SEAL boasts an impressive accuracy of 0.01mm, a revolutionary technology that allows for detailed and accurate 3D scans. Whether you're scanning small objects or intricate designs, SEAL ensures that every detail is captured with utmost precision with its Blue imaging system.

Intelligent Scanning

Equipped with advanced AI algorithms, SEAL automatically detects and aligns scanned objects, streamlining the scanning process. This intelligent feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments and saves valuable time.


From small objects to larger structures, SEAL adapts to various scanning scenarios. With its adaptive scanning range and ability to work seamlessly on various surfaces, SEAL is well-suited for diverse applications such as art, design, architecture, and engineering.

User-Friendly Interface

SEAL's intuitive interface makes it accessible to both professionals and beginners. With its user-friendly design and simplified workflow, anyone can effortlessly create high-quality 3D scans.

Seamless Integration

SEAL seamlessly integrates with popular 3D modeling software, allowing users to easily edit and enhance their scanned models. This compatibility enables a smooth transition from scanning to designing, simplifying the creative process.

The Potential of SEAL

SEAL has the potential to transform a multitude of industries and empower creators worldwide. Architects can capture precise 3D models of buildings and structures, aiding in renovation projects or creating virtual walkthroughs. Artists can effortlessly recreate sculptures or intricate designs, preserving their work digitally. Engineers can capture accurate measurements for prototyping and product development. The possibilities are limitless with SEAL. Even better, SEAL won’t break the bank.

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