The New JMStudio Activation System

The New JMStudio Activation System

Dear 3DMakerpro customer

In the new JMStudio, you will be asked to register an account and associate your device. This update is to provide better after-sales service and make it easier to check your warranty information.

Please note: When open New JMStudio for the first time, you must ensure that the system is connected to the Internet.

New Logo Update

New Logo Update

For exist users,

When your device is connected to the old version of JMStudio, the system has automatically assigned a temporary account to you. When you update to the new version of JMStudio, the software will ask you to bind your email. After successful binding, the scanner currently connected to the system will be automatically linked to your email account. The temporary account will be deleted.

If you have already registered an email account before the update, just log in using your email account.


For new users,

When you open JMStudio for the first time, please complete the registration process according to the system prompts, to activate your scanner and start using it.


*The Activation system is applicable to the Windows version, and the Mac version will be updated in subsequent versions.

For more information on warranty policy please check:

You can view your warranty information at:

If you have any questions about warranty issues, please feel free to contact us via:

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