3DMakerpro Shines at TCT Asia 2024: 3D Scanning Technology Empowers Cross-Industry Applications

3DMakerpro Shines at TCT Asia 2024: 3D Scanning Technology Empowers Cross-Industry Applications

provider of full-stack 3D scanning digital solutions in China, 3DMakerpro made a stunning appearance with its innovative products, bringing a technological and visual feast to the audience.

Moose: Breaking Through Limitations

At TCT, 3DMakerpro launched a new portable handheld 3D scanner, Moose. Compared with the previous generation Mole, Moose has achieved a comprehensive upgrade in scanning performance. Adopting a compact body design, equipped with upgraded blue light scanning technology, a new generation of single-frame encoding structured light unit, and AI algorithm blessing, Moose not only greatly improves scanning efficiency and quality, but is also 30% lighter, making it more convenient to operate with one hand.

Moose's vertical scanning capability reaches 100mm, which can perfectly capture the details of complex structures. Whether it's a work of art sculpture or an industrial component, Moose can digitally replicate it with stunning accuracy. This breakthrough performance improvement brings users a new 3D scanning experience.


Seal: Sets Off a New Wave of 3D Scanning

In addition to the much-anticipated Moose, 3DMakerpro also brings the well-received Seal portable 3D scanner. This product has set a crowdfunding record on the Indiegogo platform. Along with Moose, Seal won the Red Dot Award for industrial design in 2024 and received unanimous praise from users for its excellent performance.

Seal adopts a compact and exquisite appearance design and is equipped with a high-precision sensor, which can achieve a scanning accuracy of up to 0.01mm and a resolution of 0.05mm. The 24-bit color texture camera ensures that the scan results perfectly restore the color and texture details of the object. Whether it is a cultural relic restoration, industrial surveying, or 3D printing preparatory work, Seal is competent and performs well.


MagicScan SC-J6M: Opens a New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing

In addition to portable scanners, 3DMakerpro also has highlights in industrial-grade scanning solutions. MagicScan SC-J6M adopts advanced non-contact blue light raster scanning technology and plays an important role in reverse engineering design, rapid prototyping manufacturing, parts quality inspection, and other fields.

With its excellent scanning accuracy, detail restoration, and anti-interference performance, MagicScan SC-J6M can be widely used in various industrial scenarios, helping companies improve production efficiency and product quality. The debut of this scanner further demonstrates the strength of 3DMakerpro in industrial digitization.


3D Scanning Empowers Future Applications

In addition to hardware products, 3DMakerpro also highlighted the MP80 Pro/HR integrated scanning system at this exhibition. The system can quickly obtain high-fidelity 3D model data and has a 360° intelligent shooting function. It is widely used in e-commerce, VR/AR, cultural museums and other fields.


Through this TCT Asia 2024 exhibition, 3DMakerpro vividly demonstrated the cross-border application of 3D scanning technology in additive manufacturing, product marketing, industrial manufacturing and other fields. Whether it is the digitization of reduced-scale artworks or the enlarged-scale industrial measurement, 3D scanning technology, under the leadership of 3DMakerpro, continues to break through boundaries and empower the digital transformation and upgrading of all walks of life.

In the future, 3DMakerpro will continue to promote the application of 3D digital technology in a wider range of fields, making innovation unbounded and empowering technology in all aspects of life. Let us look forward to the next technological feast brought by 3DMakerpro!

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