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Kerry Stevenson

Hands On With The 3DMakerPro Seal 3D Scanner

I was really impressed with both Seal 3D scanners. They are fairly easy to use and produce incredibly good 3D scans, if the operator is skilled and subject is suitable.

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Alex Killioglu

3DMakerpro Seal: Unveiling the Future of Scanning

Imagine capturing every detail, every color, every nuance. That’s the Seal for you. It’s like having an artist’s eye in the palm of your hand.

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Gauthier Le Rouzic

Test du scanner 3D SEAL 3DMakerpro

Sa taille et sa facilité d’utilisation sont pour moi 2 avantages de poids sur ce scanner.
Enfin, la lumière pulsée permet d’obtenir une très bonne qualité de texture.

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Seal Lite

  • 0.02mm Accuracy
  • Cost-effective


  • 0.01mm Accuracy
  • Color Texture

[Add-on] Smart Grip

  • Scan Distance Display
  • 10,000 mAh battery

[Add-on] Multi-Axis Turntable

  • Fully-automatic
  • Script Editing

Take a look (Updating)

-- Part 1 --

Seal & Seal Lite

Introducing SEAL and SEAL Lite, 3DMakerpro's next-generation consumer-grade scanners. With groundbreaking optical solutions, they set a new standard for 3D scanning and redefine the price of consumer-grade scanners!

-- Parte 1 --

5x More Detail Per Unit

With its shorter wavelength (400 to 500 nano), it projects refined structured light, achieving 0.01mm accuracy. This advanced technology captures even the tiniest dents, textures, and edges, providing unparalleled detail in high-resolution 3D models.

0,01 mm


一cuando se encuentra en el centro de la ciudad, 美还原物体的大小比例, de la línea de carga.

* Lite 版de 0,05mm Accurcy

0,05 mm


100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000, 0,05 0,05 0,05 。

* Lite 版de 0,10mm Resolución


Profundidad de color

La cámara de textura captura la textura del modelo realista con 16.777.216 colores.

* Lite 版为黑白 理相机

Precisión increíble

El sistema de imágenes Precision Blue ofrece una precisión de 0,01mm y hasta 5x la resolución de escáneres comparables. Obtenga modelos precisos y altamente detallados con facilidad.

Texturas vívidos

La cámara a color de 24 bits añade colores vivos, contraste y detalles intrincados a los modelos.

Escaneo suave

Escaneo suave con el sistema óptico avanzado de Seal y los algoritmos JMStudio.

Lentes Anti-sacudida

Estabilización óptica filtra el jitter no deseado para un escaneo suave y continuo.

Lightning-Velocidad rápida

Recolectando 100.000 puntos por segundo, escanea rápidamente manos, caras y más.

Brillante en la oscuridad

Ajuste de luz de 9 niveles para un escaneo versátil en diferentes colores, materiales y condiciones de iluminación.

安calorías 、 小巧

XXX大小, XXXg重会, 40db 。


-- Parte 2 --


These intelligent kits mark a significant stride in the 3DMakerpro Smart Platform. Our aim is to provide users with smart, automated, and highly customizable suites that elevate the performance and capabilities of the scanner to their fullest potential.

自de de alta

Smart Grip 内置图形图理 片,无 文业 传输模, 高能治密度电池, 。

Comparta información útil sobre las características de su producto.

Comparta información útil sobre las características de su producto.

10,000 mAh battery Fully charged for 240 minutes of continuous scanning, or approximately 100 scan sessions.

Anytime and anywhere

Optimum performance

Multi-Axis Turntable

Easily scan objects with automation that lets beginners scan like a pro, and advanced customization with script editing for experts.

Bluetooth Connectivity Sync with JMStudio via Bluetooth for seamless interaction with the scanner and increased portability.

90° Swivel Arm Position the top and part of the bottom of items toward the scanner for complete 3-sided scanning.

Customizable Fixture The scanning platform has 6 screw holes, allowing you to install a DIY fixture (3D print files to share after launch) or use compatible parts to secure objects from 10-100mm in size.

10-100mm objects

Fully automatic

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