Moose Scans Custom Hand Models at Logitech Event for Game Influencers

Moose Scans Custom Hand Models at Logitech Event for Game Influencers

Recently, the renowned peripheral device manufacturer Logitech hosted an engaging live event, and 3DMakerpro was invited to provide 3D hand scanning services for the participating gaming influencers on site. Leveraging our flagship Moose 3D scanner, 3DMakerpro crafted highly realistic and meticulously detailed custom hand models for the bloggers, becoming one of the event's focal points.

Logitech hosted an engaging live event


Moose's AI Tracking Technology Ensures Reliable Scanning in Complex Environments

As 3DMakerpro's star product, the Moose portable 3D scanner effortlessly handled the various scanning challenges of the event with its outstanding performance. The advanced AI algorithms embedded in Moose can track the scanning subjects in real-time, ensuring the accuracy of the scanned data even in noisy, complex lighting conditions, making it one of the best 3D scanners.


Blue Light Technology Enables Precise 1:1 Hand Model Replication

Moose utilizes high-precision blue light scanning technology, achieving a scanning accuracy of up to 0.03mm. This not only ensures the final 3D hand model is a perfect match to the real hand, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the customization process. Through Moose's precise scanning, Logitech can create personalized peripheral accessories for each influencer, significantly enhancing the customized product experience.

1:1 Hand Model Replication


Exceptional Detail Replication Draws Attention at the Event

In addition to its impressive scanning accuracy, Moose's 0.07mm resolution is also a highlight. During the on-site scanning, Moose captured every intricate detail of the hands, making the 3D hand models look incredibly lifelike. This not only greatly improves the quality feel of the customized products, but also became a major attraction at the event, drawing widespread attention from the audience.


Through this event, 3DMakerpro has once again demonstrated the outstanding capabilities of Moose in professional 3D scanning. Whether it's the AI tracking technology, blue light scanning precision, or detail replication ability, Moose has showcased its exceptional performance, providing high-quality customization services for clients. In the future, 3DMakerpro will continue to drive the application of 3D digitalization technology in more industry scenarios, making innovation ubiquitous.

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